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what weekend?

tonight i went to barnes and noble for the second time this week to mooch and read books that i know i won't buy.

well, i won't buy them tonight, anyway. i get paid tommorow. WOO! my first ever sandwich shop paycheck comes tommorow, i can't wait. i am working six days in a row (ugh) this week and only getting one day off. sabino asked me two days after my day off this week, "how was your weekend?" he really took me off guard, but i smiled and said "yes, it was good, thank you."


what weekend?

i had one day off!

not to complain--i mean, i do finally have a job--but one where lunch is guaranteed would be nice. i'm wondering if i may work for the same company when i go back to austin. i don't get great fulfillment out of my job, but it does pay fairly well, when compared to minimum wage gigs. if i could go in already trained, they might be more willing to hire me. they would have to work around my schedule (only 2-3 shifts a week, at most), but since austin is a college town, they could perhaps help me. then again, every college kid is available to work on friday, saturday, and sunday. bleh. we'll see.

i don't particularly want to work,, no, no...i shouldn't work if i don't absolutely have to. if mom says she can't make ends meet unless i work, then i'll work. but at the moment, i don't need the extra income. i saw my dad's friend (forgot her name, i'm dumb), at the bookstore this evening. she told me some ways i might try and live in austin more permanently, as in summers included. she said if i can get a job there and sign up for classes there then i might have a much better chance of getting to stay for the summer. her daughter jessie goes to swtsu, and she's staying for the summer. well, a bunch of people i know stay at college for the summers--erica, leah, elyse, and a few others from ut. i'm quite ready to get permanently out of this hell. i think dad told this lady of all my summertime crap, because she even reached out and touched my hand before i left. she probably knows everything.

that fact doesn't bother me, but it is a bit strange. i mean, i hardly know the woman. sure, i've seen her on several occasions at lunches with the singles gang, but for goodness sake, i forgot her name! she might have prayed for me or something...she seemed like she cared, and helped suggest some other forms of getting money for college. i don't think she realizes how expensive ut really is. if i wanted to stay in the dorms, that's 2 grand or so per summer, maybe more. plus i would have to pay for tuition, books, and extras. aie. i would love to stay in austin all year round and keep getting schooled and whatnot.

oh, and this lady kept pushing me to get my math and biology done at a community college, maybe even in austin. yep, she's been talking to my dad, bigtime.

- tuesday, Jul. 11, 2006


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