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location: my cousin's van
fellow travellers: jenna, anna, daniel, paul & denise
destination: missouri & my grandparents's anniversary wedding

"Success is efficiency." - My cousin Paul, a father of three

Oh, really? I beg to differ.

What about admiring beauty? That is certainly not efficient.

And writing one's autobiography or the Great American novel can span two years or twenty, yet they are still undeniable successes.

If Rom was built in a day, what of it? It's gone now, so who cares? [That last sentence will make me sound young and uninformed].

And what about people who live their lives in inefficiency purposely? What about the artists?

"You can't rush art." - Toy Story 2

One obtain a degree in four years or ten depending on how one paces the courseload. Why not enjoy the ride leisurely, if time and money permit?

To overly encourage efficiency is to pit oneself against others in competition, when truly we are all individuals in this world, just trying to 'beat' our selves. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Some are content to scuttle about, while others find happiness in savoring their moments. What is right for you may not be for your friend; and I believe it is the same with efficiency.

Besides, everyone's idea of success and happiness is different. For some, inefficiency is success.


"Do not look at your future as an escape from the present, but as your destiny." - my dad


I think in an effort to protect myself from my mom, I have closed myself off from her, and in doing so, shut myself out of the world. But I want nothing to do with her or Dad either, for that matter. They are both too screwed up for words. I have to get out of here. THAT is my destiny.

- saturday, august 05, 2006


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