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I'm sitting around at home now...haven't written anything in a couple of days, which feels like ages. I should be asleep already, but what good is sleep? Today I learned just how much I love sleep. I conked out at nine thirty last night and never got up until my alarm rang about 11 hours later! I needed that.

I love Guster's new album for its lyrics and its music. Somehow the band manages to sound like both country and NYC on the same disc; I love their way (everyday). Did I mention I discovered Frampton? On vinyl? In the back corner of my mother's excess bedroom? Yes, I did. And yes, it rocks.

Other than that, I am eagerly counting down the days until freedom, aka college. My mother and I refrain duking it out quite so much lately (Thanks, God!) and perhaps I won't be furious at her when I move in. That would be nice...I like getting along with mom, it happens so rarely.

The work front is going fairly well so far, except for the fact that they aren't paying me right. For shame! I'm in the process of getting everything straightened out, so they don't leave off 3.5 hours like they did last paycheck.

I had this thought a few days ago:

We are the people we turn to when our lives collapse.

This could hold one of several meanings. First, it advises us to be the best, most caring people we can; the sentence helps us to realize that when a person reaches out for help, they expect a genuine, kind response. If we have the opportunity to help someone else in a desperate hour, we should jump on that opportunity to help. We must recognize the significance we have on each other's lives, and just how important a friendly phone call might seem to someone who is about to commit suicide.

The sentence is also not entirely true, as some people go to drugs, promiscuity, and other dangerous addictions.

Some people go to God.

Why doesn't everyone go to God? What does he have that humans don't?

Flesh. Yet God can live through us, and we have flesh. So he inhabits us. So he does have flesh, only we decide when to let him work through us, and not everyone can believe in God's presence shining through a fleshy human.

That's all I've got tonight. Bonne nuit, mes chers.

3:10 am - thursday, august 10, 2006


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