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dinner with jeffrey

what to write? ah, well college is clumping along and i hear that we're actually halfway done with the semester already! wow. it's hard to believe. it's SCARY to believe.

and...jeffrey out-and-out asked me today what my intentions were, and what i wanted with him, why i was hanging out with him. so i stumbled a little over my words and said i thought he was an interesting guy, and that i was interested in him before we went out for bubble tea last night. i told him i was surprised he wanted to go. he said he liked me, and i chimed in and said the same. actually, he said he really liked me. he thinks i'm pretty, he says. he might want to get serious, but he doesn't want to scare me off.

wow. wow wow wow. a lot of things happened today. i ate lunch with him. i had a good time. sometimes we're both a little stumped when it comes to conversation, but that's okay. a person isn't required to talk ALL the time, thank goodness. if that were the case, i would be utterly boring...because sometimes i have literally nothing to say, and nothing will make me talk. life is not a gilmore girls episode. HOORAY.

one thing that bothers me a little is that in his xanga he had something like this posted:

"what do you like about me? what do you not like about me? what would you change?"

most of the replies said that they thought he was a good friend and had mad photography skillz, etc. one person did reply also with what she would change, though, and noted that perhaps he was a bit needy sometimes. he hugged me a couple of times--no, four times--today. once after photo lab, once when i met him for dinner, and twice after dinner. and he kissed me on the cheek after dinner. it was somewhat strange, a bit like a grandfather's kiss. i liked it, but it was...well, i might even say it was the kiss of a needy person. we'll see how things turn out...

at this point, he has friended me on facebook. i think to say we're "in a relationship" would be a bit premature, although i hope we might get there at some point, if he continues to be someone i'm interested in. i would say we're "dating" right now, only you can't say that on facebook. there's only, "in an open relationship," which has the connotation of being loose. i mean, if you're dating someone, it could be a casual thing; you're dating to get to know each other better. but a relationship implies a bigger least i think it does. and while i like jeffrey a lot, i don't want to rush into things too fast. i don't think he'll scare me off.

i'm much calmer now than i was yesterday. i think tonight i might actually get to sleep. he's just a boy, after all! and he likes me. and i like him. how great is that?

"People are just people,
People are just people,
People are just people like you..."

-Imogen Heap

11:00 pm - Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006


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