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a little more desperate

i don't know why, but looking at facebook pictures makes me sad.

this could be from:

-the fact that sometimes i do actually miss my friends a very tiny bit
-my slight the pictures people are having fun that i am not
-how these people are pretty, but they'll all be dead someday
-the ever present beer in people's hands -- why are they so intent on showing the world that they're drinking under age? it's not really impressive to drink, a person can get alcohol left and right in college, geez...

i feel very neutral today. i signed up for classes, but didn't attend any.

i'm not eating dinner with jeffrey tonight, i told him i had homework. i do, but really i'm just feeling fat today and don't feel like primping. i blame it on that time of the month. i hope he's not getting tired of me. maybe i'm getting tired of him, i don't know...everything seems a little less dramatic when we're just hanging out, and a little more desperate when i'm simply thinking about him on my own.

5:19 pm - Monday, Nov. 06, 2006


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