backyard crowing


aha! isn't life funny?

did i ever tell you that jeffrey's middle name is david? well it is.

what a coincidence. i love it!


at this point, i'm scared of him. i'm afraid i'll get too close, and everything will fall apart. i don't want awkwardness or pain, but i feel that soon these things will become unavoidable. maybe i don't like him as much as i thought i did. maybe i rarely like anyone as much as i think. maybe i'm just a watcher, watching bypassers and thinking them pretty or not, just hoping one of them will reach out and touch me. and when they do, that i'm brave enough to continue seeing them.

it's such a risk, any relationship at all. it is far better to love and lose than to never love at all. i don't think i've lost, but my parents have. perhaps that's where the fear originates.

here's one of the pictures i took in my photo shoot for my old writing prof:

i wrote him an e-mail requesting a letter of recommendation, but the last time i saw him was two years ago. so, i had to send a picture.


3:19 pm - Tuesday, Nov. 07, 2006


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