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running with scissors


today was excellent. i went with dad to see "running with scissors" at the angelika film center, a place i had never been. he wasn't fond of the movie, but i thoroughly enjoyed myself. i'm happy he was so flexible! the angelika was the only place in houston that was playing the thing, and it's downtown. we did avoid traffic though, we didn't go shopping. we also visited the hard rock cafe, and he told me specifics on the movie Borat. i never really knew what the thing was about, but now i'm keen on seeing the thing.

we walked around downtown and looked at old buildings. the buildings were fairly boring, but hey. i hadn't seen him in almost three months! oi.

we went out to eat again (AGGGGH) at a mexican resaturant later. i also got some communication homework done as well. yay.

- friday, nov. 24, 2006


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