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Reasons to not be with Marcus:

-he's republican
-he's overweight
-i don't know if i'm attracted to him (am i?)
-he's from beaumont and has an accent
-he makes jokes that i sometimes find offensive
-he works at a bowling alley and likes bowling
-he goes to ACC - wait, is that even a reason?
-he's a distraction from my studies

Reasons to be with him:

-he's funny
-he seems to listen
-he's cuddly and affectionate
-we have a rapport and can talk to each other
-i care about him and want to see him do well
-i miss him at night
-he's sort of sexy, if that makes sense to you at all -- in his words and voice
-i feel like i can tell him things, and he'll understand

but the truth of the matter is, i don't think he would ever be with me. after all the crap i've put him through? he must think i'm a real tool.


then we had this chat:

me: haylo
marcus: Hi
me: hello
me: have i ever asked you what your religion is, if you practice one?
me: and, on a more stupid note, why do men "adjust"? what's the idea there?
marcus: No, you haven't, I'm non denominational, and we have dangly parts
me: haha!
me: okay
me: i guess women have dangly parts too, though. but bras are i suppose a sort of adjustment
me: and sometimes women adjust their bras
me: (when no one's looking)
me: hm
marcus: See
marcus: That's the same thing
me: but guys do it openly
me: which makes me wonder if not adjusting is a more painful predicament for them
me: or something
me: i have no idea
me: and i am methodist, by the way
me: although i feel like surely somewhere along the way i must have asked you what your religion was
me: maybe i did and forgot
marcus: I don't know
marcus: Mostly the dangly parts stick, so we have to adjust them
marcus: Its uncomfortable
me: i'm sure it is
me: :-D
me: did you know that 60% of American boys are circumcised at birth? that seems like an extraordinarily large percentage. i thought only jewish guys were circumcised, but i'm sure that must be wrong information, as America is not 60% jewish guys. (and by the way, i'm not asking you if you were circumcised or not--that's totally way too personal and not what i was getting at at all). i've also learned (hooray for internet) that "A tablespoon of semen contains approximately six calories. Semen also contains dozens of chemicals and minerals, including sugar, vitamin B12, calcium, and zinc."
me: so, semen is nutritious!
me: YAY!
me: i feel so educated
marcus: No, I'm not, btw
me: okay, well either way, i wasn't asking
me: so is it a jewish thing or no?
me: i guess i could just wiki it since i'm so curious
marcus: It is, but there's belief that there is some sanitary reason for it
me: hm
me: interesting
marcus: Personally, I think that's bull, I haven't had any problem
me: i'm reading on this particular website that circumcision has "no health benefit"
me: i also learned this: penis pumps, vitamin shakes, and exercise are not things that increase "things." only plastic surgery (ouch!) can change the size
me: you're like, "WOOOOOOOW"
marcus: Eh?
me: just sharing the knowledge!
marcus: Sorry, I'm trying to find a torrent for slow big band music
me: 'cause knowledge is POWER!
me: haha
me: hehe, okies
marcus: Besides, I've got a huge cock already
marcus: :-)
me: sssss!
me: i'm just releasing my findings, that's all
marcus: I'm just reporting my knowings
me: (you totally know i'm not implying anything)
me: hahahaaaa
me: besides, it's not the size that matters
me: or at least that's what i've heard, and choose to believe
me: i'm a fan of the underdog, lol
marcus: Why? If its big AND I can use it, wouldn't it be enough?
marcus: My being as awkward as I am makes me the underdog
me: what? you're not awkward
marcus: Yesh I am
me: no, you're not
me: look, who are you talking to here?
marcus: Hee
marcus: Someone who I have played with :-)
me: =-O
marcus: Found the song I'm looking for!
me: excellent
marcus: Moonlight Seranade
marcus: I just need more songs like it
me: who is it by
me: oh, it's big band, right?
me: i'm not going to know the author then, but oh well
me: still cool
marcus: *poke*
me: you might find this thread funny, i know i did
me: *grin
marcus: *rub rub*
me: *deep kiss...*
marcus: *rubs hands through Hair*
me: *pulls you close*
me: can i ask you a question?
marcus: Sure
me: is the reason you don't want to 'play' again because a) it wasn't fun for you the first time b) you don't want physicality only after all c) you met a cool girl you want to focus on or d) you don't want to become too attached/have already become too attached...or am I completely off
marcus: Sorta D
marcus: I don't want either of us to become too attached
marcus: I don't like hurting/getting hurt
me: me neither
me: maybe I was
me: I mean, I don't like getting/being hurt
me: and maybe I was getting attached
me: but anyway, I'm glad the whole subject was broached
me: even if it is just on aim
me: thanks for being honest
me: do you have any questions or anything else to say on the matter
marcus: You have nice boobs.
me: why thank you!
me: OH!
me: haha
marcus: ?
me: that was your 'anything else on the matter'
me: lol
me: well, you kiss well, so there
me: ha
marcus: Naaaah
me: again, whooooo are you talking to? lol
marcus: You kiss well also
me: aww
me: tommorow i have two tests and after that, little else!
me: yaaay
marcus: Woo!
me: then i can finally do laundry and sleep
me: i'm looking forward to that
me: pretty lame, but still
marcus: You should have an orgasm.
me: it's nice to have a clean room
marcus: That would be good for you.
me: yeah, i suppose it would
me: ha
marcus: Yes.
me: sss
marcus: Sss?
marcus: You sss.
me: *chuckle*
me: i will!
me: ha
marcus: What was your favorite part about playing?
me: favorite part?
marcus: Mmhm
me: kissing and i had never "lost my shirt" with a guy before, so that was fairly exciting. and just how gentle you were, that was nice
marcus: Hee
me: and the whole proximity thing, being affectionate
me: yours?
marcus: Boobs. And the kissing was nice too
me: hehe
marcus: And don't ask me what the fascination is, I don't know
me: the way you kept checking on them to make sure they were still there before you left...was completely hilarious
me: okay then
me: i won't
marcus: Hee
me: anyways
me: it's 3am!
marcus: And I must be lonely
me: ah, matchbox 20. you read my mind
marcus: Heh
me: yeah and she says, "baby"
me: life is funny, so keep on laughing
me: that's what my friend lauren always said
marcus: If I become unresponsive, I've lost consciousness
me: i love gay people, they're so fun and i just can't quite "get" them. they've got that 'je ne sais quoi'. lauren is a lesbian.
me: okay
me: gotcha
me: i will know that now
me: heh
me: nature calls
me: well, i'm going to go study some more
me: goodnight, mr.

- Saturday, Dec. 09, 2006


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