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reasons not to be with marcus:
-he looks at porn and has phone sex with some chick in seattle

reasons to be with marcus:

marcus: Hello
me: haylo
me: what's up?
me: i'm learning about podcasting
marcus: I'm with some friends
me: *is a dork
me: it's fun though
me: putting your ipod on shuffle makes for some strange songs
me: i'm listening to mya's "case of the ex" from NOW 5. weird. haven't heard this in ages
me: ALRIGHTY! Nine inch nails!
me: do you listen to them?
me: they're pretty friggin' awesome
marcus: Yes
me: indeed
me: the holiday came out today!
marcus: ?
marcus: Oh
me: movie with jack black and kate winslet
me: ah, yes! the temptations!
me: sing it!
marcus: *poke*
me: *smooch*
me: enya!
marcus: *lick*
me: mmm
me: i wonder if my fingers have better muscle memory for the asterisk than they did before...uh...yeah
me: :-D
me: yeah! U2's "New York" - gotta love that song
me: *rocks out*
me: *lick*
me: i'm a bit sad that my photography class is over. that was so much fun
me: and i think if i don't get into the college of communication, i'm just going to do it
me: be financially independent, get a loan, get a job, and get cheaper housing
me: it would be a whole new life, but hey
me: i deserve it, i think. besides, it would build character
me: people seem to think i'll get in, but i'm not so sure
me: i have to be prepared for what will happen if i don't
marcus: *poke*
me: *deep kiss*
marcus: *nuzzle*
me: aww
me: *unbuttons shirt*
me: *lick*
me: *nudge nudge*
marcus: Sorry, I've been dancing
marcus: *huff huff*
me: hee! are you guys clubbing?
me: haha, slow down
me: catch your breath O:-)
marcus: No, dance dance, I've been at einsteins
me: ah, ddr!
me: cool
marcus: Yes
marcus: Now then
me: i have never been there
marcus: *puts face in boobs*
me: hee :-D
me: *unhooks bra slowly*
me: i'm going to go shower
marcus: Hee
marcus: Hot
me: ;-)
me: yes
me: that's the only way i shower
marcus: Hee
marcus: Boopeedoo
me: *lick*
me: so did you get a wii? how is it?
me: *nuzzle*
marcus: Yes
marcus: Its awsome
marcus: *nibble*
me: hee
me: what games are on it?
me: the ps3 is the one that's 600, right?
marcus: Yes
me: that's insane
marcus: There's the new Zelda
me: ah
marcus: Which. Is. AWSOME.
marcus: And Trauma Center
me: i'm assuming wii games are on cd?
marcus: Dvd
me: ooh, cool
marcus: Zelda is Hella-long
me: seems like it would be
me: this movie is so cheesy
me: clueless
me: somewhat funny, but ugh
marcus: Laff
marcus: ... Breasts...
me: mmm...
me: yes?
marcus: *lick*
me: *kiss kiss*
me: are you home yet
marcus: I've been home
marcus: We're watching house
me: cool
me: i have not seen that one
marcus: ?
marcus: House? The show?
me: i have not seen house, i mean
me: yeah
me: as in, i've never seen one of those shows
marcus: Ah
me: unfortunately roomie has now moved on to ......full house......
me: *cough cough*
me: oops, no, now she's switching the channel to...
marcus: ...
me: ....
marcus: Breasts?
me: she's still switching, but i'll go to breasts
me: scrubs! i've not seen it before
me: !
me: ZOMG zach braff
me: haha
marcus: New season started last week
marcus: :-)
me: niiifty
me: okay, so back to breasts
me: ssss
marcus: What about them?
me: i don't know, i am just typing crap
marcus: lol
me: ah
me: tonight is a good night, i'm happy
me: yay life
marcus: Eh?
marcus: How's it so great?
me: i'm just happy
me: just chilling out for a while with the roomie before things get crazy again
me: good vibes, ha
marcus: I can take you to get a vibe
me: haha
me: you mean a vibrator?
marcus: Yesh
me: nah, thanks though
me: i think if i ever get brave enough to go buy one, i'll do it on my own
marcus: Lolz
me: i mean, would you ever take me with you to get a pump? i fink not
me: awwwwwkward
me: or no?
me: i suppose i could be wrong
marcus: Not at all
me: but i feel so right!
marcus: But I don't need a pump
me: i thought a pump was like the only toy for boys there was
me: that's why i used that as an example
me: and anyway, i'm not saying you need one (how would i know? lol) -- and besides, they don't increase the size anyway, as i said the other day
marcus: Nope
marcus: Wiki "fleshlight"
me: haha okay just a sec
me: hm, interesting
me: those sound expensive
me: the "ultimate faux vagina"--ha
marcus: Yep
marcus: Yep
me: do you have one?
marcus: Nope
me: wow, ha
me: i just went to the site
me: the official one
marcus: I watch porn and very very rarely use Astroglide
me: why do you watch porn?
me: nevermind
marcus: Stimulation
marcus: Something to watch during beating
me: but you can beat without it, right?
marcus: Yep
me: it's just with the visual aspect?
marcus: Yep
marcus: Visual and audio
me: have you ever tried phone sex
marcus: Yep
me: and if so, do you think it's better than porn or no?
marcus: I actually do it with a friend from seattle sometimes
marcus: Yes
marcus: Its more personal
me: what do you talk about? i mean, chatting is just typing words, but talking?
me: (if you don't mind me asking)
me: it seems like we started to, sort of, one night last summer
marcus: Usually she and I masturbate together, she says what she and I would do together
me: have you always looked at porn?
marcus: Since about, eh.... 6th grade
me: is it mainly in magazines or on tv/dvd?
marcus: Internet video and photos
me: so it's free then
marcus: Absolutely
me: ha--they have something called "mr. limpy"
marcus: ?
marcus: Wuzzat?
me: (basically a fake penis)
marcus: Hm
me: which is weird, because isn't a penis better erect, and not limp?
me: i mean, in a sexual situation?
me: ha
me: these toys look intimidating
me: geez
marcus: Well, it depends on the dimensions
me: the dimensions of any given toy, or any given penis?
marcus: The limp penis toy
me: okay
me: the smallest is x-small and it's 3.5 inches
marcus: If its large, then it being rubbery is irrelevant
me: the largest is i believe 8.5 it said
marcus: Now, I have a large penis, so yeah
me: okay...
me: the limp thingy is 14 dollars
me: that's not that bad
marcus: Not really
marcus: We should go to the porn store
me: ha, where is that
marcus: There's several in ATX
me: the thing about vibrators is that if they don't work, you can't take them back
me: well, or any toys, for that matter
me: what do you clean these things in, anyway?
marcus: Why wouldn't it work?
marcus: Rubbing alchohol pad
me: ah, okay
me: do you have to leave them out to dry?
marcus: Or somthing similar
marcus: I really don't know
me: i don't know, i think i would be horrified if my mother ever went snooping and found something
marcus: I could ask my friend in Seattle what she does
marcus: She says she has several
me: hm
marcus: And I believe her
marcus: Orgasms are fun
me: so i've heard, ha
marcus: Yep
me: i'm totally falling asleep
me: and giggling at porn titles
marcus: Bareback Daddies of Beverly Hills
me: haha
me: exactly
me: what the heck?
me: do you have a favorite porn movie?
marcus: How about "a girls best friend"
me: haha
marcus: That was a hot video
marcus: Eh...
marcus: Not really
marcus: Several girls I like
marcus: Brandy Taylore, Cytheria, Allie Sin
marcus: Classier girls- Danielle Riley, Bianca Beauchamp
marcus: I'm a fan of redheads
marcus is away at 3:34:27 AM.

- sunday, Dec. 10, 2006


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