backyard crowing


another victim

i'm a daydream believer, right?

sure i am.

oh, HELL yes.


"There's no success like failure, and failure is no success at all."

-something my music teacher told us to ingrain into our heads...he neglected to tell us the author of the quote, though...


i didn't even SEE ray in music on monday. i imagine he was probably there somewhere, and i looked for him briefly with no success. i'm happy. i...i wonder if he knows how much i dread seeing him. i hope he's okay, Christmas was a hard time what with seeing his father, another Parkinson's victim.


anymore, i'm making good grades for jimmy. he's one person to look to for inspiration. if he's not at rock bottom now, i imagine it's near. if he had the nonpresence of addiction and the opportunities that lay before me, i know he would put his all and then some into school. so can i. so will i.

you can do it, jimbo. i haven't seen or talked to you in months, and i'm discouraged from making contact with you, but i'm cheering you on, even silently.

i hope our family doesn't disown him, and that he comes to his senses. i don't know that i could disown him, but i'm obviously keeping my distance, which is not difficult seeing as he's in oklahoma.

arg, i am so the drama today...there's really no need for it, either.

1:44 pm - Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2007


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