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who is the nerd that lives with the RA? I am!

I just made a sudden realization:

When you have a summer fling and leave him when it's time to go back to school again, and he asks you to call him in case you've reconsidered on the following Thanksgiving, he likes to think that because it will be a day of thanks, you won't re-dump him. Yeah...

Note to 80-year-old self:

This was about Adam, fling 1 of 2 during the summer of '05. He was probably gay, his voice was obscenely high and he wouldn't french kiss me even after a month. I had to try and kiss him...and I failed miserably. He wasn't my first date, but he was my first boyfriend and lasted well...a month. That same month was also the month of Mr. Doom Band, or John. This same month made my head spin.


I wish I had a guy after me...I'm bored. I haven't had a date since Jeff, which was on...November 5th, if I'm counting right. That means I haven't had a date in six months. SIX MONTHS!

At least mom can't scoff and blame "dating" as a reason for my bad grades this semester. I don't have my grades yet, but they won't be outstanding...and I probably won't get into the COC. I've stopped caring and settled for English as a major, which is honestly a great major for me. So, I'm not complaining.

I had a dream last night that I got online and changed my major from french to english. Then I woke up thinking I had already done it, and in that mindset, I felt fine. Natural. I think this is my path. I feel excellent about this choice, but mom doesn't. Yet.

Other good news:

I'm getting on campus housing next year, which means I don't have to pay for housing all by myself and beg my father's parents for money! They are crazy.

I love them, and they are generous, but when it comes to my mother, they are crazy.

I will be rooming with an RA. Some might cringe at this, but I am jumping at the opportunity. I hope she's 21. If she is, we're both technically allowed to have alcohol in our room. Wooooooot. IF she is 21...and reasonably cool... :)

I must admit, I am somewhat excited about the prospect of a (supposedly) responsible, caring roommate. I didn't get the luck of the draw this time around.

Love and Peace,

2:26 am - Wednesday, May. 09, 2007


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