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There's a quote that says the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.

When someone questions your existence, or tells you that your existence is meaningless, that is the worst insult me.

The times in my life when I have been most depressed are due to the wonder of whether or not I was "living right," or leading the life that I was born to live. So to tell me I'm no good at what I do, or ask me why I do it in a malicious manner--that's like telling me to be depressed.

why are you in France?
Why do you write in journals?


today, i move out of the dorms.


i think somewhere along the way i stopped caring. i hate being imperfect.

i really i hope i pass two of my three classes this semester, and with Cs. otherwise they won't count, since they're in my major.

1:25 pm - wednesday, Dec. 19, 2007


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