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tha rezolushunns!

well, it has been 2008 for almost an hour now, so i think i shall make those resolutions now.

last night i communicated with two people--a 25-year-old with definite romantic potential (an online meeting) and a 30-year-old divorced guy who was quite charming and tipsy on the phone. the first is an engineer, and the second is a chemist.

unfortunately the chemist (age 30) is only looking for friends, according to his profile...something i didn't realize until after we stopped communicating. oh well, i had fun flirting with him anyhow, and it seems likely that we'll get together and hang out sometime. and i dig hanging out with 30-year-olds...they have great taste in music, they're more confident, they're more interested in other people, they know things, and they don't think less of you if you say something stupid. they're resilient or something.

i realized last night that one of the reasons why i was into david is because he is like a 30-year-old. and why?

because he has an older brother, of course! so as someone who probably admires his older brother, it's no wonder david's a bit more grown up.

anyway. the 25-year-old seems pretty nice. i know abbie wouldn't date him because he's an engineer, but i'm not abbie, i've decided.

although he doesn't write resolutions, because he's just not a resolution-writing type of person. why would he not write resolutions?

i also asked him what the strangest thing he'd ever done in public was. he said he didn't know, and that he wasn't really the "do strange things in public" type.

i have a sinking feeling that he has few goals and little silliness/self-confidence/desire to not be the norm.

we'll see what comes of it all. when i told him that i would be back in austin on the 7th, he said he thought that was "so far away." i'm going to guess this is a good sign!

oh yeah, so now for the resolutions.

1. write here every day. i know it's tough, and this is an unrealistic goal, but nevertheless, i must try to keep writing my thoughts. when i skip a week or two or three--or even a few days--much is lost in my memory bank. i will only remember so much when i'm 80. i simply must preserve my life this way, and i'm not always sure why i possess this need. i'm glad for the urge to write though, i think it can only serve me well.

2. get out of credit card debt and cut up your credit card. do it. DO IT. and do it as soon as you can manage.

3. fill out your fafsa, whenever that's due. find out when it's due.

4. ask dad if he can pay for your summer math course.

5. look people in the eye.

6. finally finish that online fiction course, and by february 15.

7. go to the pre-valentine's day speed dating thing, and get abbie to go with you. it will be fun!

8. quit being jealous of abbie's looks and be happy with who you are.

9. but lose 20 pounds anyway, for your health and happiness.

10. make better friends with your roommate, she's a doll.

11. find a study space and stick to it.

12. try studying with abbie, it seems like sometimes that helped you. and if it's distracting, DO SOMETHING ELSE.

13. QUIT THE PAPER! you failed a course last semester, DON'T let an extracurricular throw you off again!

14. look into the pornography lecture, and consider learning to teach it.

15. take down "beccalynn8's" dating site profile. don't be a vile thing and mess with adam, even though he has proved himself to be an arse.

16. don't date idiots! take some advice. learn from the pros. read your dating books.

17. and most importantly, don't worry too much about men. in new york, there'll be plenty of delicious man meat.

18. don't lose your virginity unless you think you'll marry the guy. and certainly don't lose it if you don't love him.

19. and in the same arena, don't get too physical too fast. there's no need to make out with a guy on the first date a la patrick the weird.

20. avoid communicating with ALL EXES. it only ends in rubbish.

21. cut back on the drinking a bit. there's no need to drink every friday or saturday night, even though the rest of austin might.

22. graduate this year.

23. get spiritual. pray more often. maybe even find a church home.

24. don't let your room get so awfully messy. take time to organize your books, purse, calendar, room, and computer files. try not to wait until the last minute to do your laundry.

25. get Bs for the rest of your college career, and nothing worse. Cs are okay, but if you aim for Bs, you're safer.

26. if the magazine gets back into gear, write something for it! there's nothing like the satisfaction of being published!

27. Doooooooo nanowrimo! don't worry about whether or not it's the month of november. just do it already.

okay, OKAY! this is it. i'm going to stop writing resolutions. today looks like the beginning of a beautiful year.

12:51 am - tuesday, Jan. 1, 2008


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