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Hey Mom!

Thank you so much for the check! I will look for it. sounds like you're having an eventful time, that's great!

So you're hosting a U2 concert?! WOW! hehe. but seriously, I know it's in IMAX theaters now. what do you mean by hosting it? sounds like fun! i was talking to leslie about seeing that with her, but she said she didn't like concerts! anyway, instead we went folk dancing...HMMM. not doing that again! unless it's for a news story, of course.

today i went to this shakespeare outreach program. it's for kids, and i covered it for a story for my reporting class. turns out that this class is the most difficult journalism course there is. i also happen to have the most difficult professor, and the most difficult t.a. woah! a girl who took this course last semester came in to talk about the course on thursday, so we could ask her all the questions we wanted. syl (the prof) exited the room for this, so we got honest answers about the courseload. syl says it's not too difficult, it's just a lot of work. he's quite funny, for a tough teacher. he has a dry sense of humor, which surfaces when you least expect it. anyway, i've spoken to him one-on-one a couple of times, and so far i don't think he's TOO intimidating.

my short story prof is a much different story, though. he's EXTREMELY picky about our writing and speaking...but then, like syl, he'll probably force us to improve. we'll see. i have a feeling i will need to draw on my ability to accept criticism often this semester.

so i guess those are my most interesting profs this semester. the history of journalism prof is monotone (unfortunate, because it's a 5pm class) and the women in the news prof is pretty interesting.

i've not heard of persepolis. sounds cool! and have fun at the vegetarian/vegan cookoff!


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