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Well, craziness is occurring. My friend Christy is getting married on sat'day night and I am thrilled! But I'm even more thrilled that my psychologist and I will meet for the first time tommorow.

There has been so much self-preparation for this wedding that I think I'm exhausted.

I know the entire wedding party, and I have a small crush on the bride's brother, aka Tonester, aka a groomsman. What can I say? I've always had a thing for redheads. But he was once into drugs, and I hardly know the guy. Who am I kidding? He's three or four years younger and he probably has a girl. ...I do remember he once had a chubby girl, though...that's comforting. :) People said she was mean, and she was, but maybe that's part of why he liked her. When you're a teenager, there's nothing like some girlfriend who pisses the family off!

I'm trying to imagine who else will show up, and I think my old HS friend who I once had a deep crush on will be there. He's gay, but we didn't know that then. We danced together at prom, and I have photographic evidence of it, thanks to my friend whose feet always stank. It wasn't her fault or anything, she had a condition or something...she was a great person, she read constantly and I was in choir with her. Lovely gal!

I wonder how the psychologist meeting will go. I hope it happens, not all of my papers are in order and they should have been before now. I need to talk to someone in person. Lately I feel like I'm bursting.

Please let her think I'm an good person, deserving and in need of therapy?

Unfortunately dad's back from his business trip to cali. One sweet week of "bachin' it," and I wish I were back there.

I have work and school tommorow, so ttfn. I wish I had time to write more.

- monday, June 16, 2008


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