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hello -- hello again

Supposed to be editing a film right now, but confidence is a little crushed. Not a fan of my group member. Heís patronizing. Iím ten years his senior. Itís hard to tell if he thinks women are lesser, or heís clueless to his behavior. Give her the least creative position. Producer. Right. Fuck you, too.

This place closes in an hour and a half. Iíve got to get on this editing. I miss diaryland.

I have an extremely inappropriate crush on a TA here. Iíll have to tell you later about it.

But I will Ė Iíve got to put that unsent love letter somewhere, since soon it will be crumpled and in a trashcan.

Why canít I just have two husbands?

8:42 pm - Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014


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