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unless you're trapped

Someday I will get out of here. I will be free of school.

And then what, in an office editing video? I think I want to edit; I hope at least I'm decent with the art enough to get paid well for it. I wonder if your desire for a career goes down the more you talk about it. Everywhere I go, people ask each other what they want to do after college. I sense that the more times I explain the "why be an editor?" question, the more times I start to question my own words.

I've been looking at pictures of Ireland lately. There's so much of the world I haven't seen.

I hope I'm really ready to get married, and I think I am. But a just miles away at this point. I want to travel, to get out there.

Someone once told me of San Marcos, "It's a great place, unless you're trapped here." Such is life in any place, I think. But small towns suck especially.

I'm not sure R has any ambitions in life. I don't really understand it.

You do lose ambition the older you become, however.

Everytime I have a modicum of money, I just want to travel. Get the hell out of dodge. Far, as far away as I can get.

11:30 pm - Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2015


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