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“I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

-Mark Twain

Facebook really doesn't do much good for me, other than help keep up with classes. The past few days I've been concerned that some girl Sarah has restricted me or made me an acquaintance or something, because her profile pic and the banner above it aren't showing up. But when I find her profile online, without being logged into Facebook, I ALSO don't see either of those pics. So maybe I'm crazy.

Apparently she is friends with my scumbag frenemy named Melodie, who I've probably written about here multiple times. It would not surprise me if she was talking shit behind my back. She seems nice, but she's a total user, and she's not stopping.

Why I know she hasn't stopped:

1) The other day she wanted to get together, when really all she wanted is help with her project and a ride home. Fuck that. She can do her own project, and pay for her own parking.

2) Also, she's always saying how she'll invite me to parties, and then later telling me about parties she went to (that I never heard about.)

Now, you might say, "that's petty, you don't even like parties" but historically, she does NOTHING but use me. She might be encouraging one minute, but the next thing you know, she wants my goddamn homework answers. Fuck that.

I stopped talking to her for a few months (maybe four?) which was the right idea. We started talking again merely because I sat next to a girl who said hi to me, a girl that I knew, and it felt awkward to not say hi to Melodie. So we started talking again. And now she's back at the using game.

She wants for me to ONLY have her as a friend in the film department -- she has unintentionally revealed her desires through things she's said. Fortunately she's a 20-year-old brainless bitch who I see straight through, so her motivations are obvious.

"We should hang out, I miss hanging!" Fuck you, asshat. Really, please, jump off a bridge.

Because of her behavior, I have gone to my list of wedding invitees and crossed out her name, and the name of her boyfriend. It feels good, because I know she's expecting an invitation, and hoping to be a bridesmaid. I didn't mention I'm not having a wedding party. Too much potential for drama, another expense, and I don't want to be up there with a bunch of unnecessary people.


On Friday's adventure, I went with KT, Ash, and Marlie to a local bar. Then we returned to KT's, talked some more, and Marlie and I wound up swimming in our skivvies (me in my outfit) in the apartment pool.

I found out Marlie is poly, and KT recently flashed her next door neighbor, who has a girlfriend. KT also has a boyfriend, who is moving in soon. She said she had some guilt as a result of this...there was some drama with the girlfriend, too, and now everyone hates each other.

Anyway: the point is, I have a hard time trusting people after they reveal information like that. Because what are they going to do if they meet R? Are they not going to give a crap that he's engaged? Are they going to hit on him? Are they going to be PMSing and horny, and decide that one small thing I said pissed them off enough to hit on him? That's nothing I can control, but at least I can have friends who I trust.

While I'm glad KT feels remorse over flashing the neighbor (that shows she has a conscience,) I still feel concerned. She friended me on FB, which means she can click on my R's name and stalk him.

I'll repeat the first quote from this post:

“I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

-Mark Twain

7:15 pm - Sunday, Apr. 12, 2015


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