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editing class

Got two people who could be pissing me off today.

But I don't care, because I received favorable reviews from my professor and classmates on my edit today.

The prof said, "it's funny, that last exit shot with that music is exactly the shot and music I used in my edit."

The viewers were talkative. One guy really liked my idea, and said he was always unclear as to how to link two particular ideas together, a thing I pulled off.

I was nervous to present, and I know it wasn't my best work, but I'm proud of what I did do. No one knew it was my edit, it was anonymous.

I chose a topic most people shied away from in favor of an easier topic. I love my professor, and the students in that class. Maybe I'll get that A after all.

And I had planned to continue editing the thing, but it's in, it was due today, and I'm tired.

On to screenfighting. Only one more assignment left, plus two late ones, an extra credit, and any rewrites I have time for. So really - six assignments. Or one, whatever.

8:16 pm - Monday, Apr. 27, 2015


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