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What's curious is that when people move on from Diaryland to other bloggy-things, they lock their diary. I miss them.

Currently I'm editing a short on wintertime, set to Joni Mitchell's "River." Listening to it so many times in a row may not be good for the soul. Super sad, boomerang.


I'll likely be here in the editing lab all night again. Got my fizzy waters, healthy snax, and of course chocolate. Om nom nom.

The more I listen to this song, the more I want to know Joni, and everything behind her lyrics and herself. Fascinating lady.

When my mother first introduced me to the songs, I thought they were cheesy and slow, nothing I liked. But after enough repetition I grew to enjoy them.

Still, I love some of her fast songs the best -- like with Elton John. They're both known for slow songs, but I think they rock the fast ones, too -- better sometimes, even than the slows.


I found out about this platonic friend-finding app called "Wiith." It's only for apple cell phones right now, still being adapted for my android. Either way, I'm enthused.

Today on CL the three ladyfriend contenders were:

-a girl who likes Japanese fashion and conventions
-a girl who likes rollerskating
-a girl who likes 70s and 80s dance parties (and a whole host of other things)

The third seems like the most interesting. Hilariously, her headline is, "I'm reliable, yo."

Haven't responded to any of them yet, since I tend to overthink responses in general.


Lastly, I saw Lawrence of Arabia today and yesterday. It was 3 hrs, 48 mins. Good lord! Thank heavens it was interesting.


Another song I can't stop listening to: "Scar" by Missy Higgins. I think not of exes when I hear it, but of my professor. I have some kind of unfinished business about the whole class. PTSD for college classes. I just want to argue with him, duke it out verbally. Then maybe I'd feel better. But instead I keep wrestling with these feelings of angst.

1:58 am - Wednesday, Dec. 02, 2015


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