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who's your daddy?

After some research I found these highly amusing things about my terrible professor's 13-year-old kid:

-he has two FB profiles, one which appears to be for show, and the other (more private) for his real friends, and no family members
-the private profile pic is of him clutching his junk like some kind of thug
-the private banner pic is an image of some guy smoking weed

And this, from the professor who claims he is the "best dad ever." Then again, he thinks he built the world and hung the moon. So it's nice to see these things in action.

His kid was interviewed by a couple of local news outlets (and one national, NBC) for his homegrown business. Unfortunately for the kid, his business was shut down because it depended on another local business, who decided their policies meant he couldn't run his project anymore. It wasn't an illegal business per se, just annoying to some.

Tl; dr: he's a rich kid. I just watched a video that painted him as a saint for donating a percentage of his proceeds to a local charity. I pity him for the hell his father will put him through, and has already. He's probably not a bad kid.

Yes, he will probably succeed in life -- if his childhood achievements are any indication. But somehow I doubt he'll be happy. And he has his father to blame.

The more I investigate my professor's personality, the more I see my old roommate D in him. She was wholly concerned with wealth, and when I read quotes about my professor, he says he "feels so bad" about people who are uninformed about his kid's business [and thus not wealthy]. He pities them. But I know his pity - it is in fact disdain. Like D, he thinks that people who don't want money are weak and confused.

It occurred to me that I dumped D on her ass for being a terrible friend and person. So I won't publicly dump my professor on his ass, but I can sure as hell do it in private.

If he can get me a job through our little FB network, great. At the dinner, he said, "So you guys are going to hire me someday, right?" Over my dead body!

1:24 pm - Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015


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