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he was a drummer

So, I continue my research on my professor.

I'm not sure why I'm still doing this. It's become a minor obsession and a major distraction from homework.

Some would say I'm in love with him, some in hate. But it's neither, I just want to understand. That, and bash him so I feel better.

He was the drummer in a band I'll call The Hs, which was a precursor to a band that DID make it somewhat big, called CC. It's grunge, 90s, and whiny. I saw CC in concert once, but I don't think I saw my professor, because he was out of the band at that point, on to other things.

(If you want to know the real names, I'll leave a note on your wall with the info.)

I was looking at his face in the pictures I could find of the Hs, and there are only 2 such images. He lived in SF and played with The Hs there when they met up with the future lead singer of CC.

But back to my professor. There he is in black and white: with long hair, acid wash jeans, and a funny beret. He's young and even stranger looking than he appears now. It's making him seem more human. He was just a kid, it seems. Prof. Roldimort as a kid. As a member of a "silly, fucking ridiculous" band, as one article says.

Silly? Fucking ridiculous? ACID WASH JEANS? He really has lead two lives. That we have in common, at least.

2:35 am - Friday, Dec. 11, 2015


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