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self esteem post

What do I like about myself?

-I tip well

-I stood up for myself yesterday when R brought in his cousin without telling me first

-I hung some ornaments anyway, despite being in a bad mood about it

-I was honest about my feelings about Christmastime last night, even though they weren't pretty (I'm authentic)

-I'm still working hard at the dog movie, despite my existential crisis

-think I've found a good way to handle things

-I drink green tea

-I'm welcoming and kind at meetups

-I feel things

-I'm working on edits even through my break

-I'm tired, but I keep going

-I don't drive intoxicated

-I like the cold weather - I'm a badass

-I work on something until I can find a solution

-I'm a lot of goddamned fun - in and out of the sack - R and I went at it 3x today

6:57 pm - Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015


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