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The director of the doc I'm helping edit said a few weeks ago,

"People are more poetic than we allow them to be."

Love that. Many of the interviews are with soldiers, and they don't always speak with the most sophistication, but their hearts shine through. The veterans do not become emotional, their voices are dulled and monotonous. Listening and looking hard is imperative for understanding what lies beneath their surface.

Often they will say things like, "that's not for me to say," or "that's not my expertise." Because their commanders are standing by during every interview, they can only say so much.

And even if their bosses weren't present, they could lose their jobs for revealing too much, or criticizing the military.

I am glad I never joined up.


In other news, R and I made a fancy-ish stir fry dinner last night with chocolate covered strawberries. YUM. That is TOO a sexy dessert.

I got him a card, which he thought was funny. He said, "A greeting card for this greeting card holiday, thank you!"


In two weeks, we'll hit our one year Engage-a-versary! February 28th, here we come.

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