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personality test & misogyny

So I was hanging with R today and he has a personality test posted on FB. I can see it over his shoulder, and we're talking about it.

But when I log into my FB, I can't see the test. So he's clearly hiding it from me, right?

On top of that, his immature best friend posted something awhile back (that I also can't see, because his BFF has hidden it from me.) It's a video of a faux John Lennon singing about how Yoko is a "dumb fat bitch," and it's super offensive.

Worst conclusions I can make:

-R is looking for someone with a personality more like his

-his best friend is an immature asshole

-they're both hiding shit from me (which would be fine, if not for the subject matter)

11:13 pm - Saturday, Apr. 30, 2016


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