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I had a dream last night that related to Hannah Hart.

The two of us were college students together, and I had a crush on her. When she found out, she confessed to having a crush on me.

And although she wasn't pushing it, she wanted me to leave R and be with her.

And then I had a decision to make, I was heartbroken.

I wanted to go with her. And then I woke up.

It was heavy on my mind all day, and it has less to do with crushes on celebrities and more to do with life choices.

I think she represents my desire to go out and see the world. She wanted to travel, to work hard, to do creative projects. And so do I.

And travel isn't terribly important to R. He wants to stay in Texas, get a house, be close to family, continue teaching. And that's not bad, it's just not what's calling me, or what has been calling me for years.

The only reason I stuck around this state is to finish my degree, and because I love him.

As many have said before me: love is not enough.

But what I'm finding is...neither is compatibility.

You need to challenge each other, and to want similar things. You can't just get along, you need to have a special rapport. Some mutual goals. A similar thirst for the unknown -- or lackthereof.

I am excited to travel, to leave here. I am thrilled at the possibility of GOING. I want to work hard and play hard. I am going places.

12:31 am - Monday, Feb. 13, 2017


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