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A Lot of World to See

Hey, dangerspouse! Thank you for your awesome notes! They are always so nice to read. <3

Today in bantenhutland, bannie got her first bee sting! She is not allergic to her bee friends, and apologizes for taking one of their lives.

On Friday she got into a car accident (not her fault.)

She has bruises that the doc says will heal in 2-4 weeks, but other than that, "just a flesh wound."

Car is ehhh... and the other driver may or may not have insurance. Time will tell.

Just after the accident I thanked God for saving me, even though I keep telling her I want to die. And it doesn't make much sense.

Eeyore's Birthday happened on Saturday. It's nice to know I've still got some game in the romance department, even though all I did there was have interesting conversations.

(And I wasn't tempted, and I'm glad I have a strong will, even when intoxicated.)

Tomorrow I start with a new therapist, because the other one is graduating from grad school. I can't make the appointment, still need to call and reschedule.

Are you bored yet?

Well anyway, that's life at the moment.

Today when I was out walking a dog named Apollo, he kept looking back at me, wanting me to run with him.

He had an absurdly long leash, it was made of cloth.

He was a Husky/Pit mix, and he would run ahead and look back...he looked at me right in the eye.

He seemed to say, "come on, Z! There's a lot of world to see!"

I laughed at first, and then teared up. God speaks in some pretty fascinating ways.

9:14 pm - Tuesday, May. 02, 2017


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