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moldy mold

Well, more news on the roommate front.

I just don't understand why he wouldn't want to shut his bedroom door at night. It's stupid.

Anytime I go to the bathroom late at night, I tip toe like a crazy person...and yet I'm pretty certain I wake him up every time.

Why then, does he not close his door? It's stupid, for both parties. No one wins here.

My only thought is that maybe it's because of the mold issue a few years ago. He likes to keep the windows cracked, the doors wide open (even the front door,) and everything easy breezy open.

But even at night? I should think that if mold reappears, his landlord would step up and take care of it again.

It's good to be proactive, but this is excessive.

1:58 am - Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018


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