backyard crowing


Iago Who Owns Maybe Ten Colognes

maybe i can become well travelled by kissing well travelled men

just kidding

I didn't do anything with Iago the Editor

because I am responsible


I can't really tell anybody about this, so that's where the journal comes in.

Iago is about my age, maybe my age exactly. He has salt and pepper hair, and very young skin. Light blue eyes, dark rimmed glasses like Clark Kent, and a beautiful smile.

And he was trying to get me to go out with him, I'm fairly certain. But he didn't look at my fb profile pic, or at my relationship status, and I'm not sure why.

I wish I could makeout with him and then take him to bed.

It would be frantic, desperate, frenzied. Good lord...

Jewish guys, y'know?

Well anyway, he taught me how to sync in a certain editing software tonight. I was operating on one hour of sleep, and failing grandly. So I took a power nap on his couch, but it didn't work, because I'd been drinking lots of coffee and couldn't sleep.

On his couch I was so thirsty that I started touching myself a little, because I knew he was immersed in editing in the other room. But I knew it wasn't wise to continue, so I didn't.

The bus and subway ride home went swiftly because I just sat there dreaming of him the whole time. Then I bought chocolate ice cream, because endorphins. I need to charge my vibrator.

And get some sleep. And maybe get it together. I have an interview tomorrow.

I just want to grab him by his collar and start snogging like it's the end of the world.

He is a kind and patient mentor. I hope my attraction doesn't ruin it. So far so good, or at least I think so.

I have to wonder if my feelings are totally transparent to him.

It was fun to just sit there and watch him edit. I think he enjoyed it, too. I kept a boring syncing session interesting. We laughed a lot.

I wish I had taken the power nap in his bed instead of on the couch in the living room...he offered either.

My fantasies are drifting to the "what ifs" of sleeping next to him in that bed, and what could happen.

While unwise, I just... really want to be touched sexually again, thoroughly and passionately. I want to giggle and sigh and lose myself in it.

He mentioned talking to a married woman on a plane once, and I can't recall what the conversation was about. He said something like, "Yeah, she was married, but whatever." I mean, maybe he's open to open relationships and such.

When I first arrived at his house, he encouraged me to touch his shoulder to see how tense he was. I barely touched it, and said, "oh, yeah! You're really tense!" He brought my brief touch to his attention and said there was no way I could feel any tension, touching him that lightly.

But you know how it is with tension, first you're giving each other back massages, and then comes the "personal" massage. ;)

It's rather amusing that the evening started out with me being a prude, and ended with me wanting to jump his bones.

Or just make out. Just a nice make out session would be so nice. Sex wouldn't even need to enter into it.

I wonder how R is faring with the challenge. I think it's time to call him so I can shift my fantasies onto the correct person. And also just to say hi. I miss his whole person.

2:01 am - Friday, Mar. 02, 2018


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