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job angst

I'm exhausted.

In missouri at the moment, comforting my father's mother, because her husband died 5 weeks ago.

The job I want pays 50k. Actually, it's just been adjusted from the range 50-55k, to just 50k.

I sure hope they hire me.

Anyway, back to working from home.

I could really use this job.

The interviewees walk in front of me to get to my boss's office, and he interviews them.

It's pretty damn obvious.

I heard my name mentioned from a next door office the other day. Don't know what they were talking about...

I hope they just hire me. Not lay me off, not make me a temp with another hat, but just hire me. For 50k. A real job.

5:52 am - Monday, Oct. 08, 2018


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