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one year in

Today is my one year anniversary of moving to the City of Angels.

Today I stayed home, didn't spend any money, and applied for jobs.

I wasted some time looking at rollerblades online.

I made red potatoes in the oven.

I called R, and he told me how he was feeling. His dad died a few days ago, so I want to be there for him.

Meanwhile Iago is a bit weird. I don't think he's worth my time.

Day after tomorrow is my office party, and no plus ones are allowed.

I have a crush on my old boss.

I'm probably not supposed to be monogamous, at least not in a long distance situation.

I might do a PA training program this weekend.

I'm really worried about money. I hope my mom's side of the family gives me some for Christmas, because I really need it.

There's a dog in Santa Monica I will be sitting for 18 days, which is excellent.

I really need to make some solid money, so I can pursue my dreams.

Temping is dumb, they take to big of a cut, and you never know if you'll get hours, so you never know how much you can spend. You just hope and pray you might be able to pay bills.

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