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I want to be friends with her.

The person I am dogsitting for works for NBC as an on camera journalist/reporter, and she is inspiring me like crazy.

She lives a few blocks away from the beach in SM. She just got engaged.

She is inspiring me, just by living.

Not really for the stuff she has, or her body, or clothes. It's more about her personality. Her faith in herself.

She is genuine and kind in her reporting. You can really tell she cares about the stories, and the people in them.

She said to me, "I came to LA, and I trusted that everything would work out somehow. I just said I would do whatever it took to make it, and I would do it."

And she did. She's in Europe right now with her new fiance, and I'm looking at her career.

She continued educating herself after her bachelor's -- a master's, and some trade school.

She never stopped studying her passion. And now she's on TV. A beautiful, serious, kindhearted journalist.

She makes me remember that I can do this, too.

8:56 pm - Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018


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