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Lies My Parents Taught Me:

(but they seemed to mean well)

1. It's okay to like things and experiences, but not money.

2. You need to wear a bra.

3. You are not an extrovert.

4. You shouldn't shop at Goodwill, or other such second hand stores.

5. If you use the bathroom at a place of business, you need to buy something.

6. You shouldn't return an item unless absolutely necessary. Returns cost the business money.

7. It's only okay to work out for health reasons. It's not okay to work out because you want your body to look different. (Doing so would mean you don't love yourself enough.)

8. It's not okay to be gay.

9. It's not okay to get angry.

10. You can only wear muted makeup at work. No shiny eyelids or red lips, and no dark eyeliner.

11. If you get a tattoo, men might think you're "easy."

1:36 pm - Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020


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