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I didn't get the AE gig, but I'm kind of relieved! It would have been a tough first gig... the editor had been there four years, it would have been work from home, and I'd have been the day AE.

Today I did something I've never done -- cuddled with a stranger. His name is Daniel, and he's from a cuddling website.

He's an internal doctor, and has a wife who doesn't like to cuddle that much. She is aware and approves of his cuddling.

They were together for a few years, and then had to do long distance for a year, while she lived in New Orleans. Then they both moved to NY, and now they live in CA, where he is originally from.

He started on the site during the time they were long distance, and continues today. He's high in Touch with regards to love languages, as am I.

I met him on the site, we corresponded a bit, and then we met for coffee near my place. Then we headed to my apartment and cuddled for a couple of hours while talking and listening to jazz.

I'm very glad I didn't end up crying over Creg in his arms. It was nice, and he was totally respectful and respectable.

Afterward, I really DID feel calmer. I tried to hang on to that feeling as long as possible. It lasted maybe an hour.

He says he sees a lot of patients, and hopes never to run into them on the cuddle site.

Sometimes he's at Whole Foods, and a patient bumps into him, but he doesn't recognize them.

He told me horror stories of being a doc -- seeing a man's leg get sawed off by two docs in the ER.

He hated ICU.

He saw a guy jump out a window in NYC during his residency. He never found out if the guy survived.

Then there was a guy who was joking around one day, and dead the next from a "time bomb" liver. He was an alcoholic. It was a shock to Daniel's system to witness.

Daniel's dad is an alcoholic, and his brother as well. Brother does music, but has now turned to software engineering.

He's Jewish, Polish, Persian, Russian. Brown eyes, salt and pepper hair. A very pretty man.

There was indeed a moment or two when I wanted to kiss him, but we didn't.

Ha -- at one point, we were spooning, and I was the little spoon. He said, "if you feel the little guy poking through, just ignore him." I told him not to worry, it's natural, and I'd ignore it.

Never felt anything poke through, and that's cool, too.

During the cuddling he said, "I can feel my batteries recharging."

For a science and logic guy, he has such feeling and tenderness in him. Those deaths that he's seen while at work, for instance -- he really feels things.

He likes artsy people, connects well with them. I theorize that this is the case with many like him. We artists are the missing puzzle piece. Because we emote through our art, and otherwise, we create a space for them to do the same.

And I believe people like him bring order to an artist's life. And wholesomeness. A sense of calm...a stability.

6:03 pm - Friday, Nov. 06, 2020


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