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his penis under lock and chain, and a butt plug

Yesterday the doctor came over... he bought velcro ties to tie me to the bed. What fun!

The ties came with a feather duster and a blindfold, which we used also.

As he felt me up, he said, "I can't believe it! They're just breasts!"

(He surprises himself by how much he loves tasty tits, when they're "just breasts" or "just body parts.")

Such a doctor.

He wanted me to dress up as a schoolgirl, so I did. Here's the fun twist -- he also wanted to dress as a schoolgirl. So, I let him wear the blue plaid, and I wore the pink plaid. I was in a black spaghetti strap camisole, and he had on my metallic blouse. I had knee high stockings, nerd glasses, and voila, two lesbos in love!

It was fun! Not really erotic for me, but he seemed to enjoy it. I felt a little odd, because I'd never done something quite like that before. Well, maybe a little with the ex, but not to this extent.

He was so shy in asking if he could dress up!

He had no lady clothing of his own, so it was all my getup.

He said..."remember what you told me you would do if you were with a girl? Just do that to me."

So I kissed him (just not on the lips,) rubbed and liked his nips, teased his nether regions.

He was wearing two devices... a pink butt plug with a heart on it, and a clear chastity cage on his penis, made of mostly resin. Wild! I'd never seen something quite like it.

When he got hard, he would feel pain. But...he would enjoy it, too.

He's very interested in "tribbing" -- better known as scissoring.

We did a sort of scissory thing, with his chastity cage, and my sanitary napkin in. It was a lot of layers, especially with my schoolgirl skort. Didn't really work, haha. :)

What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

When he dresses as a girl, his name is "Dani," so I told him of the song "Dani California."


My shitty roommate is asking about getting an ESA dog. Not really looking forward to this new era in our "roommate relationship."

2:03 am - Thursday, Dec. 03, 2020


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