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The bad roommate is desperate for a particular Pomeranian, that two other adopters want.

Which makes sense, because a Pom is the only breed who has bitten me and broken skin. Ah, well!

She spoke to her parents on the phone about a possible walkthrough, where the adoption agency tours our apartment to see if it's okay for a dog.

Her parents suggested that the dog meet my good roommate and I -- and she protested, because "it's going to be HER dog."

As usual, she has no respect for the other people living in this household.

Who cares if her dog bites me? It's HER dog, so who cares?

Thank God for eavesdropping. Without it, I'd know nothing, and have no idea of her true nature.

Sometimes when she's talking shit about me, I think about casually walking out into the living room and saying hello. Maybe I'd chime in with a, "say hi to your parents for me!"

Her TV show is still temporarily not shooting, but she still has a job. They are set to resume shooting at some point, but I couldn't hear the date.


Her boyfriend wants a puppy...apparently he trained his ex's dog. And there are no dogs allowed at his current place, which means he'll feel even MORE entitled to staying here.


The property manager thinks that she may have to pay me a move out fee, or maybe lower my rent, due to the dog thing. I'm not sure I want to stir up further drama.

3:54 pm - Monday, Dec. 07, 2020


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