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conspiracy theories = critical thinking

Hi, Papo! :) The end of this post gets a little hot, I hope you like it! Thanks for the nice note.

Sometimes my entries are hot, and sometimes they're downers!


My therapist has a podcast with another guy --

In one episode he says that the term "conspiracy theory" is designed to curb critical thinking.

That when we don't take things at face value, we "are not believing the conspiracy theory."

He is really fucking smart. Glad I got to have him as my personal therapist for awhile.

I saw him at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. He looked calm, and slow, and patient. He was sweet. It was just before Christmas. He had about five bottles of liquor in his hand basket.


The Doc contacted me today to see if I was available -- so he hasn't lost interest.

And the platonic cuddle buddy and I meet again on Saturday, at our usual park. He's a nice guy. A weird guy. It's funny... I only sort of want to make out with him, and yet I KNOW we would not be a match.

He's fun to flirt with. We never take our masks off.

For the first time ever, this year I reached out to him to say hi, instead of the other way around. I think that's a good sign. It means I'm asking for what I want.


There's a DNA test about compatibility that I'd really like to take. One step at a time though, girl. results are still processing, hopefully not for much longer.


R is so good in bed, I forgot how good. It's not kinky, but it's definitely hot. He teased my clit for a long time, until I said, "I'm so ready for you. How do you want me?"

He wanted me on top.

I came, and then he did. God, he felt so fucking good inside. I wish he was here all the time. Even if it did take an adjustment period. Even if it was weird at first.

I was thinking about calling him "daddy" and imagining it in my head. I told him that crossdressing isn't really uncommon for men, and mentioned that "I hear prostate orgasms are pretty amazing," in case either sparked his interest.

There's something about his hands and how he uses them on me. His fingers are soft, but also slightly rough. It's an exploration of my clit more than any technique, slow and tender. There's no rush to get to an orgasm. He's playing.

He kisses me as he strokes, open mouthed and wet, kisses in tempo with strokes. There's no urgency to penetrate, only to get me hot and bothered until I can't take it anymore.

12:28 am - Thursday, Jan. 07, 2021


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