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1/8/2005 11:17 PM
Listening to: the beatles, the Let it Be album, to be specific.
First track is…Get Back

Get back to where you once belonged…

Well, I’m here! I worked for Dad today. He’s going to pay me 50 bucks. I helped him do recording stuff at Brenham High. It was band—he recorded individuals who qualified for state. Brought back memories. Dad and I ate at a Schlotzky’s. While we were there, he said, “You know, there are some parts of you, that when you were ten, you were ready for this [to get to college and have independence].” He also said I seemed happier. I think so. For one, I get to make a lot of decisions now that I’m free of childhood.
That makes me happy.
Thank you dad, it means a lot.
Tommorow I’m going to Varekai with mom! Mom made some awesome muffins today—with ginger, apricot, and white chocolate chips. Sounds odd, I know, but they’re actually quite delicious.
I won’t have air conditioner in the car for awhile—until dad can afford it.

The Long and Winding Road
I love this song. I want it to be played at my wedding. As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to pick out songs! Finally, a chance to share with everyone the great music that is close to my heart! Wow. We’re gonna dance the night away, that’s for sure. (That is, provided everything works out and my hubby is with me). He and I could both pick out songs…good grief I’m weird. Not as weird as napoleon dynamite, I suppose. You know, if that guy tamed his hair, he might turn out really cute. He would need to smile every once in a while, too.

Tonight mom and I watched What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? A very young Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp play in the film.
Last night dad and I watched napoleon dynamite. It was funny, but very strange.

You know, the last few days I’ve been missing writing in this thing. I’ve never missed writing a diary. Usually I feel like it’s a chore—for posterity, just something I’ve gotta do. But recently when I’ve been away from the comp, I’ve genuinely missed it.
That really makes me happy.
Writers miss writing.

Let It Be…

11:17 p.m. - 2005-01-08


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