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finally saw the b ball diaries

12/26/2004 1:50:35 AM
I just watched The Basketball Diaries.
ďInteresting, to say the least.Ē Sorry. I couldnít help it. What can I say? Iím a bad friend.
Well, that was certainly freaky. Why did I ask for that for Christmas? Oh, yeah. To become cultured or something. Ha. Nothing like yogurt!
The boy wrote with candor, he wrote his truth. Iím so glad my life isnít crazy like that. Excitement and drama can be good, but never that much excitement and drama.
The other night (the eve of Christmas Eve), Dad, Grandpa, Grandma and I went to Lucyís for a Christmas party. Madison, Paris and I watched a bit of the Princess Diaries 2. I had already seen it, but they hadnít. Itís a good film, but not nearly as good as the first one. Iíll write more on all this later, I need sleep like no other.

ďI doní wanna talka bout it!Ē
How very Italian of me.

1:50 a.m. - 2004-12-26


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