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the experiment

so today i did an experiment, and the experiment was this:
i sat at a desk, and both of the desks behind that desk were the good kind--the big brown ones that people like to sit at. a girl (unfortunately) sat directly behind me. GRRR! she messed it all up. you see, i was trying to see if chris would sit behind me 1 space or 2, since on monday he sat 2 seats behind me. he normally just sits one seat behind me. well, since this chick messed up my experiment by sitting right behind me, he sat behind margo, and diagonally across from me. sooo...he's probably into margo. darn. she's much more attractive than i am, anyway. oh well. 8:55 pm (same day) i just went to his facebook profile. apparently, he decided to un-befriend me. well, chris, you suck, too! thanks for nothing. i have a serious problem, and it's called DORK. i feel like i'm not good at anything. he hates me now, i know it. that's okay. i only loved him for a couple of days, anyway. and i don't know that i would call what i had for him "love", anyway. what the heck is he going to do friday? heh. that would be our one week anniversary, if we ever were anything. he will either ignore me entirely or get mad at me for reading his online journal (although why would he? hey, he linked it on facebook! if it was so private, he would never have displayed it). I REITERATE, if he is so against someone's reading his blog, then he should never have displayed the link to it on facebook. i have NEVER showed this link to ANYONE, nor do i intend to. that would be sheer suicide. reading this means knowing my bad side. nobody knows my bad side in its entirety, and that's the way i like it. my guess is that today when i waved goodbye to him he decided once and for all that i was indeed a freak, and so deleted me from his list of facebook friends. if he can't even be my facebook friend, there is no way he can be my real friend--let alone anything more. i am definitely considering demanding a bluebook back, since i oh-so-generously gave him one. i don't owe that dick anything, but he owes me a bluebook. i don't care if he says he has seventeen cents in his bank account. HE OWES ME AN EFFIN BLUEBOOK, darnit! oh well. hehehe...little does he know, i can still read his livejournal and myspace blog! LOL. he doesn't know i have a livejournal/myspace account. (of course, i never use it...only to spy on him, the IDGET!) grrr... friday should be interesting. i feel i will have LOTS to tell. until then, Adieu Adieu this is goodbye forever, chris. i have no desire to randomly meet you again when i'm 30 and vacationing in miami. i honestly don't care where you go, just as long as it's away from me. you've done your damage.

6:27 p.m. - 2005-04-27


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