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Friday, May 06, 2005
Iíve been watching parts of Gone With The Wind today with Elyse.
Ahhh! I need to stop feeling lonely. I will get a guy someday! I wish Chris would call me, but i doubt that will happen.
I got Momís package today, it was HUGE. There is no way I will be able to finish it all by the time i move out. Oh well. For the past two days I have been listening to my soundtrack of ďLes ChoristesĒ nonstop. I canít wait to play it for dad, Iím sure heíll enjoy the music.
I got a 100 on my first quiz out of four!
Three more to go, and then a final. That is all I have left of history. Apres ca, líhistoire sera líhistoire!

A week from today and i will be home! wow. it is hard to believe.

Some Schtuff:
-There are few things as beautiful as a talented boy choir.
-I had a slice of pizza yesterday at the UC and it made my stomach unhappy all day despite my futile attempts to blot off the pound of grease that resided atop its revolting cheesiness...
-"to ensure that no mishaps happen"

that third bullet is a quote from some dude's xanga. maybe i'll use it one day, i like how it sounds.
AHHHH! i just realized i need to go buy three scantrons. that will happen tommorow morning. i have my first final tommorow, it's in french. i also need to remember to turn in my last response paper on monday, tuesday, or wednesday, and i must buy another bluebook, too. okay. i will get through this.

i guess that's about all. i should go study some more, this is keeping me from maintaining my wicked gpa.
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