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a day of play was yesterday

yesterday i...

-went with cristy to the wendy's in the uc and drank a lemonade with she and her posse. we talked a lot about our pets. i felt a bit left out/uncomfortable, but it was probably just me.

-walked the two miles to whole foods and bought some groceries, walked back home and on the way home stopped in dobie mall to see this weird indie movie called Junebug. the film was about a couple--newlyweds of six months--and their experience in going to his house in south carolina for the first time. she (the wife) had never met his family, and was incredibly smart and genuine. his family was poor, uneducated, and not happy to see her. anyways, an interesting movie it was, but not too great. i give it a "B".

then i finally came home. i watched some VH1, which is proving to be quite the addicting thing for me. i stayed up till about 1 am watching tv (i also watched "ever after" on the oxygen channel, a movie i hadn't seen in years and didn't understand too well the first time i saw it) and showered after the tv fest. i then listened to some music, cristy got back from her fun day with friends, and we both went to sleep. i woke up at about 11:45 or so, and now i have some stuff to do.

what do i need to accomplish?
-do laundry (and lots of it)
-take out trash
-put cds up in cd tower
-do some room cleaning
-do french, astronomy, biology, and literature hw

i played all day yesterday so now is my time to shine.

12:56 p.m. - 2005-09-04


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