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last night i waited in line from 12:40 or so to 7:40 to get tickets to the Dalai Lama, who is coming a week from today. who was there? cristy, her boyfriend andre, and adam, this friend of theirs. i say "of theirs" because i'm not quite sure how i feel about him. he's 23, and i'm...not interested. there ya have it. mmmkay. this is GOOD. i know that if he asks me out (which he probably wouldn't) i know that i would say no. i have gotten this off my chest. YAY.

i went to jamba juice today and saw adam david, this kid who always wore a beret last year (he went to utsa). i remember walking in the HSS with kayla and erica and looking down to see this angelic brown-eyed guy smiling gently at me. what a moment it was! anyways he was also in polisci with me second semester, startin's class, and made a sport out of pissing off an acquaintance of mine whom he would always sit near. i asked him, "you went to utsa, right?" and indeed he had. i then identified that we had polisci together, and he said, "no class should ever be that easy." yeah, i suppose so. but i hate polisci, so i'm glad it was painless. that was about the extent of our conversation, we were both a bit dizzied from waiting in line for lama tickets (i being especially dizzied, for he was present). he did say one thing though, and that was, "i've been dreaming about getting a jamba juice for the past like five hours." now THAT i can relate to. heh. i am hopeless. no, i'm not hopeless. i just feel it sometimes. like now, when i'm reflecting on my sad attempt to hit on a guy. he's Jewish anyway, where would it lead? ok enough with that. good grief...adam downs, adam david, and cristy's friend adam! il y a trop des adams.

it's hard to believe i've been here two weeks. move in seems like it was ages ago, absolute ancient history. does anybody else feel like that? life is weird like that. i'm not even all that busy yet--only i am. does that make any sense at all? there are many things i COULD be doing, but most people aren't yet. i'm going to find my people, they're bound to be around here somewhere.

"God is calling, there's no bigger love." -newsboys

5:51 p.m. - 2005-09-06


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