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well, blah. mom is not coming to parents weekend. that's okay, i'll study and do a bit of having fun without her. it's a bit of a relief, actually. i don't need to worry about what we'll do now since she isn't coming. why isn't she coming, you ask? (and yeah i know you're not asking but i'm telling, so THERE!) because to kennel the dorgmeisters (aka dogs) house the ma (aka mom) and transport the ma to austin via vehicle will cost around $500, and that's not including the eats that we would consume whilst here. also, mom's car is going to crap. speaking of things going to crap, MY CELLPHONE WORKS! i had it in my purse and an itty bitty piece of paper was stuck up in the little area where you plug in the charger. i pulled out said paper and voila! the cellphone charged. it was a bit freeing, not having that cellphone. i am one (at this point in my life, anyway) who could live without them. like thoreau! i'm not going to let my cellphone own me!

i've just discovered a new site called , it's a site where one can mail in a postcard with a secret on it and if it's interesting enough it will appear on the site for a week or so. i have many positive things to write about the site, but i don't particularly feel like doing it at the moment. bottom line is this: go check it out for yourself. it's great to see so many people confessing in this way, it makes me think, "Good grief, and i think i've got problems!" in the best way possible. i can also identify with some of the secrets, while others are heartbreaking. i found a quote from an article about the site that rings true for me:

"...the things that make us feel so abnormal are actually the things that make us the same."

i'm thinking about sending in my secret. maybe it'll be something to do with how i feel alone in a school population 50,000, or how i have a serious thing for my cousin who lives a state away and is happily taken, or how i'm failing all of my classes but one and only part of me cares. we'll see.


i have started writing my 100th entry, which will be a list of 100 things about myself. entry 100 will be this tuesday! i'm oddly excited. maybe i'll spring for a gold or supergold membership now that i've shared so many secrets on this page! it's a bit expensive for what it is. again, we'll see.

4:54 pm

here's an assignment i had to email my literature TA:

Of the readings that we have read so far, the one I could most identify with was Emily Dickinson's poem 324, which begins with the phrase, "Some keep the Sabbath going to Church". In the poem, Dickinson describes how she stays home instead of going to church on Sundays. I am a Christian but I have not attended a church service in the last few months, and though I believe attending church benefits people spiritually, I do not think it is absolutely necessary to go to Heaven. I know many Christians who agree with this standpoint, so I know I am not alone. I think Dickinson was brave to not attend church, and also to write about her absence, because I imagine missing church was considered worse in her time than it is now. Last Easter I took a drive, turned up my stereo louder than usual, rolled the windows down and prayed. That was a beautiful, windy day that I will never forget; it was an experience I could not have had going to church. I believe Dickinson would understand this sort of worship. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

8:41 pm

wow! i just found this new internet radio show called audiocrush. it's four guys getting drunk and talking about random stuff like music and movies. they have a sequence called "Into it" which is where the moderator says something and everybody else says whether or not they're...into it. audiocrush, i am extremely entertained by you! you are four hilarious guy friends who i pretend are mine! ahhh...i love radio, it's simply the best!

1:24 p.m. - 2005-10-16


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