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i set my alarm clock to ring at six am this morning and it didn't. usually when this happens it means that i did not slide the little plastic bar over to "alarm", but this time i'm baffled as to what just occurred. maybe it is finally truly broken. i'll test it before i forget to and miss class again tommorow.

oh, yeah. and i will officially drop anthro, which is depressing yet necessary. i love that class but something's gotta give.

so far i have 51 random things about me for my 100 list. this next entry will be a kickass one, i guess.

i sent out three homemade postcards yesterday to PostSecret. they are as follows:
1. I highlight whole pages in my textbooks...and then sell them back.
2. I love my cousin more than he thinks. (heart-shaped)
3. I want to be on the Internet! (with a picture of a computer and an image of my very postcard on the screen).

so if the dude behind it all thinks i'm in the least bit creative/genuine, i may be...on the internet. that would be fun! i need to remember it went out today in the mail so that i can keep checking the site in a week or so when he'll receive my cards. he gets about 50 everyday and posts about 10 new ones every sunday, so chances are i won't make it on the site, but it was still fun making those things. and hey, now my secrets are out. numbers one and three aren't anything to be very ashamed of, really, but number two is nice to tell. then again, i have entrusted a couple of people with that information. brenna, for example, and elyse. they both thought it was pretty strange. i think this guy reads so many secrets everyday that he might actually take me seriously, and not laugh. then again, he could choose to not believe me as well.

i miss being the responsible, level-headed roommate. i'm beginning to think that maybe living with a bad influence is a good influence on me--that way when i see someone (like my roommate) doing something bad/lazy/whatever, i can change myself so that i don't become like them. if i'm surrounded by uber smart hardworking people i feel inadequate and have a hard time even trying to beat them because they're just so far ahead of me. is this weird? i'm not blaming my roommate for my own laziness--it's NOT that at all. i don't know. i just feel like crap today, as usual. this journal is probably the most idiot thing i've read. ugh.

on a happier note, i think e.e. cummings is wonderful. i plan to recite a couple of his poems at the next family reunion. "since feeling is first" is my favorite poem EVER and i want it heard! he also has several not-so-g-rated poems which i would LoVE to present to our family tree but i don't think anybody would let me...unless i didn't tell them what i was going to do until last minute.

Your death will be from being alone....Most likely
becaus you have no friends or family to give
you support in anyway...all you have is
yourself. You will probably live alone all your
life and have no social contact what so
ever....You will most likely die of old age in
your home all alone....with no one there to
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The Eye color personality test
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Harry Potter (N.E.W.T.S.)
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crying. You are the one who sits watching
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playing on your lips. To you, life is good and
you will get what you wish for. You will fall
for someone who is himself, and lets you be

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What Love are you Fated for? ~AWESOME anime pics!~
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