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my uber cool reunion presentation

i talked to mom on the phone yesterday, i didn't tell her about the biology grade she still doesn't know about yet.

i dropped anthro (i think i mentioned that before, but whatever).

i want to go see thumbsucker again, i loved that movie.

yesterday i bought two things from the poster sale:
-a mounted pic of luke, leia, and han
-a mounted print of vermeer's Girl With A Pearl Earring (what a great book and beautiful painting...the movie was just okay, though)

what else is happening lately? nothing, i guess. i'm at a point now where i only have one test next week (french), and i have a french paper due monday, and my next astronomy test is not for another 2 weeks and i just got finished with a bio and a literature test, so i (for once) do not have loads to do. but i do not want to screw myself over so i'm going to work hard during this time and take care of everything i can before i get overwhelmed again. i'm even a bit overwhelmed at the moment, only less so than usual.

i LOVE tegan and sara! they're the awesomest!

i have a plan for the next paternal side family reunion. for the talent show/saturday night live thing i want to recite at least five or so poems by e.e. cummings, maybe ten if i'm so inclined. i even wrote a rhyming introduction to my presentation:

Tonight this I present you with
Not story, prose, nor song nor myth
No talent I to you will show,
Simply poems that I know

From years ago I to you sing (bring?)
The words of e.e. cummings, king
Of poetry if you ask me
(second to God, he only be)

As my words end his do begin
Stop me now, for it is sin
To mix my words with his so wise
And now, for his (those? these?) sweet lullabies

*start reciting poems*

it's not a great beginning, but hey i wrote it in two minutes, and it works--my family will understand precisely what i'm saying. my plan is to be blindfolded on stage, and i'll sit in front of a microphone. i want to wear something black and not form-fitting, perhaps a cape, perhaps mom's woolen one (if she'd let me borrow it). not that people would be staring at my body while i recite, or that his poems are particularly dark, i simply think i would feel more comfortable if i knew i looked like a black blob. and the blindfold would be absolutely necessary, especially if i chose to recite anything raunchy or with curse words (and with cummings they're not difficult to find!). but i must add here, i love all of his poems. not one have i disliked, no matter how offensive it might be to my relatives, so chances are that handkerchief will protect me from their glares. honestly, though, i don't think anyone would glare at me, and indeed it is more likely that they would if i wore a blindfold, as i could then not see them.
i know for sure i would recite "since feeling is first", as it is my favorite poem ever and i have it memorized by heart now. others i think would be fun:

-next to of course god america i
-i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
-i love you much (most beautiful darling)
-it may not always be so; and i say
-you shall above all things be glad and young
-somewhere i have never travelled

i would also love to read "the boys i mean are not refined" and "she being Brand", but i'm afraid my dad would never let me. of course, if he didn't know the exact poems i was reading, he couldn't do anything about it. i could be secretive, i don't think he'd care. maybe i could just mention those titles, but not read them. i could say, "and if you're interested in cummings's poems he published (name number) of them, and some are raunchier than others. check out 'the boys i mean are not refined' or 'she being Brand' if you like what you hear." i could be all infomercial-y. e.e. cummings, get it while it's hot! available for a limited time only, POEMS by CUMMINGS!!! hurry!

i guess that's all for now. ta ta!
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