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diary of a mad black woman and keanu

i watched (and taped Diary of a Mad Black Woman) today, it was better than i had expected. unfortunately though the dhfs channel wimped out during the last few minutes and simply cut off the movie before it ended. bleh. now i have a tape of almost all of a movie. oh well, what can you do?

also on friday i saw thumsucker a second time. after i walked out i remember feeling gloomy, and thinking about the joy i had on my face when i left the movie the first time i saw it. the fact that i wasn't especially happy the second time around made me sad. after i got out of the movie i was walking down Guadelupe and a homeless guy on the street shouts to me, "Is life really that depressing?" I smiled. "No," I responded and the hobo group ahed and i felt great.

i sort of feel like crap because cristy and i were talking about going to see thumbsucker, and now that i've seen it twice (she knows this), i don't want to see it a third time.
it was still cute as ever, and so was Orthodontist Keanu Reeves!

- 2005-10-22


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