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audiobook of huck finn?

watching: the music video for the song "Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab for Cutie

this morning i thought it was 7:45, but really it was a whole hour later, so i missed french. i also missed french on wednesday, which is no good.

i then got home today after astronomy and jamba juice and slept for three hours.

in biology i (and many others) discovered our stupidity. that quiz i took? hmmm...we watched this movie where a professor went to a class and asked them to give their birthplace and time, and this prof gave their information to a "professional" astrologist to get accurate readings based on this information. then every student was given the exact same forecast, and the professor got a show of hands for how many people thought their forecast was accurate. most of the students felt their forecast was excellent.

i'm seriously considering buying the audiobook of Huck Finn off of itunes. it's some eleven hours long...but i should have read it anyway. hm. we'll see. if it will help, i should probably buy it. but...i don't want to buy it and not complete it.

...okay. i just saw a commercial for "Catch Me If You Can". Cristy said, "Oh, I wanted to see that movie." I then told her I had it, and if she wanted, she could watch it whenever she wanted, and I have offered other movies I own to her in the past when we've mentioned them, like Amelie. She said "No thank you" and didn't even really tell me why. Why? I wouldn't think she owed me anything in return! Oh well. I mean usually if someone offers me something and I decline it, I thank them anyway and give them a good reason for my decline. But that's just me. But she shouldn't need to give an explanation, and neither should I, I suppose.

anyways i talked to mom 2 hours and 11 minutes today on the phone!
i'm sure that's the longest conversation we've ever had via phone.

things i need to do (of course after talking to my mother i would have a list):
-get bus ticket to go home on thanksgiving
-figure out exactly what classes you'll take next semester, the unique number and all--and use the pick a prof to help you
-read read read for english, and go over all the notes
-figure out how much money you have, how much you will owe, and when you will owe it
-write to tamea to get the french homework
-remember that on monday you need to prepare your second french project (activity J or K)
-find out about minors and the like

6:11 p.m. - 2005-11-04


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