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gotta get through this

i'm busy studying for a bio test i have today.
i hope i can just make a D in my three classes other than french and get on academic probation and worry about the rest next semester. my classes will be easier then.

"I gotta get through this."
-Daniel Bedingfield

one piece of good news, though: i got an 81 on my last literature test! (my first two scores were a 35 and a 59). yup, it pays to talk to the t.a.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------nov. 16, 2005 4:49 pm on a wednesday

had a bio test today, i think it went well. i'm rocking out to trey anastasio, good grief can he rock out! nothing like phish i've heard, but oh well.

"Come as melody Come as energy Come as memory Come as fantasy"

Hey, Mr. Trey! this kid guy knows what rock 'n' roll is!

"air said to me"

he would be a fun dude to see live i can imagine, and phish was apparently an awesome stage band. he's got that indie-hippie-funster look. he has this beautiful shaggy red hair and glasses, and is forever smiling. go, trey! way to rise above a band breakup and go on to have a super swingin' solo stint. hehe. crap, i have just missed my astrology study session. oh, well. i will just go tommorow. i'm so tired i probably wouldn't get anything out of it anyway. and where are the observations we were supposed to do? i'm thoroughly dissapointed. i want to have to look at the moon! with that daniel...

nah, he doesn't talk to me. i scare him. better to focus on david, if that's what his name is. the guy who lets you use the laundry machine is one to stick with, assuming you can continue to capture his attention.

speaking of capturing people's attentions, "Pride and Prejudice" is coming out once again, only this time with keira knightley will play and the film will only be one video tape long, as opposed to six. i've seen the long LONG version, and i think i remember liking it a lot--i know my smart elders in band did. kelly and ruth could not get enough of that movie! leslie, too. instead of going to an after-prom party they hung out and watched P&P. that's what you call dedicated! honestly, though, it's a great film, and many (brenna, specifically) are dissapointed it will be condensed, especially since even the six hour version leaves a considerable amount out. brenna has read the book and loves it. also kayla loves the movie! i forgot. i know a bunch of people that like that work, movie and book alike.

brenna loved jane eyre too, i told her about my struggle and how i bought the book on tape.

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