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maybe someday

maybe someday i'll stop writing in all lowercase letters. i don't think so though, but it's possible. perhaps the change would represent my writing becoming better.

i have a feeling my maternal grandma had a much harder life than she lets on, or that i could imagine. but it's still a part of her, nothing traumatic really leaves.

anne sexton would be 77 today if she had not died.

from diarist amazinfuckup:

"I can't sober up and I don't remember what life is supposed to be about
anymore because he doesn't want anything to do with me."

i hope i never reach that low. nevermind that, i can't. i won't. that's ridiculous and horrible and goodnight could life really be that bad ever? get over him and put down the bottle already. good grief. diaryland is full of crazies i think sometimes. how terrible for her. no man should be have that much control over a woman, or anyone for that matter. of course, she is handing him that power, the keys to her happiness.

- 2005-12-05


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